What Kind Of Flowers To Put On A Grave


Leaving flowers at a grave is an important way to reflect upon and honor the lives of our loved ones. Choosing the right flowers, however, can sometimes be a difficult decision. Flowers are a good way to express your feelings, especially when it can be difficult to verbalize those emotions. It’s natural to want to pick out the perfect bouquet – one that symbolizes your loved one’s life and your relationship to them. But how can you make sure that the flowers you choose are the right ones?


The first step to creating a bouquet that will convey your deepest sympathies and respect, you’ll want to take note of different flower meanings. Flowers are very symbolic, and each one will represent different feelings and emotions. Use the chart below to help identify possible candidates:


Calla Lilly – holiness, purity, faith, fidelity, youth, rebirth

Carnation (red) – admiration, love, affection

Carnation (white) – pure love, good luck, remembrance

Carnation (pink) – gratitude, undying love

Daisy – innocence, sincerity,

Gladiola – strength, integrity, infatuation

Hydrangea – grace, beauty, gratitude, perseverance,

Larkspur – beautiful spirit, joy, love, lightness, pure heart

Orchid – love, delicate beauty, strength, innocence, reverence

Peony – romance, prosperity, healing

Poppy – consolation, sleep, peace, death

Zinnia – endurance, thoughts of friends


Once you have identified the flowers that best capture your feelings for your loved one, you can use multiple flowers or just one for your bouquet. An alternative to laying a bouquet of flowers at their grave is to create a wreath, which is often interpreted as a symbol of hope that the spirit has moved on.


It's important to keep in mind that there are literally no wrong flowers to leave for your loved ones. Any flowers left on their grave are a sign of love and respect, and the flowers you choose depend largely on what is in your heart. If you have any special memories that include flowers, use those. If you know what their favourite colour was, you can choose a bouquet that includes flowers of that colour. Trust your heart and know that whatever kind of flower you choose is the right kind.

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